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Piano Player and Bass player in neighbouring houses - Jill Thomson - Oil on Canvas
Interlude Between Houses
oil on canvas
48 x 60"


Available through Jill Thomson Artwork

Two of my sisters and both their partners are jazz musicians. In one of my sister Shannon's compositions, she includes a string quartet in a jazz piece entitled "Such Sweet Thunder". My sister Dawn, is the vocalist and there are these neighbouring elements of voice, strings, bass and drums.

I started a painting in which the percussion was represented in one house and the quartet were on the porch of the house next door. That lead to several paintings with music in more than one house. This is the way I think about neighbourhoods and how we share food and conversation over fences creating community.

At my house, my neighbours and I both have treehouses butted up against our mutual fence with a bridge connecting them. Our children would meet there and spend long afternoons, carrying on from there, in and out of the two houses and yard with dolls and wagons and bikes. All the common ground between families living side by side; reckless raspberries coming up under the fence, tools and missing recipe items passed back and forth. Love and meals brought over in hard times, and all that shared wisdom tossed between houses in a happenstance, day in day out kind of becoming.Hockey in the lane, a secret garden and so on and so forth. Music between houses. This is how the neighbourhood paintings evolve.