*Artist Statement*

A prairie childhood, a young adulthood in Montreal and a settled life as artist and mother, in Edmonton, informs an inner landscape of small town, ancestral farm and vibrant city.

Over many years, I have been slowly unearthing and establishing my own visual language for grounding the figure in a quiet inner world within the forum of cities and built environments, broken by natural surrounds. The paintings contain a verdant density of city and small town quadrants of life: gardens, stores, cafes, lanes, trees, brownstones and clotheslines brought to the surface in an abstracted grid, (snake and ladder) spirals into urban Montreal set with my own awkward truthfulness against prairie vistas with mountains in the reachable distance. The carefully observed familiar is deconstructed in invented landscapes that arrive out of an intuitive painting practice openly receptive to memory and dreams and awake to the observed world.

My paintings celebrate a creative life in cities designed for densification with walkable escapes into nature: Edmonton’s ravine paths to the river; Calgary and Vancouver’s mountainscapes; New York‘s “Highline” creatively offering breathing space to congested boroughs. A generous porch - Harper Lee - small town in the city - perspective that tends the urban farm and rooftop garden; breaking the grid of urban life with organic growth; vines graffiti-ing and beanstalking their way up onto the city’s shoulders for a clear view. The narrative of these compositions is manifested in a painted surface with an inherent contrast between expansive and congested areas and controlled and gestural mark-making. The action of painting ruminates with a notion of immediacy, a visceral feeling of inhabiting these painted spaces.